Ritual and Repetition

Christopher Coleman
March 1, 2007, 12:28 am
Filed under: Ritual and Repetition


Collusion, 2003
with sound design by George Cicci
3 min except – Full Running Time 20 mins
Christopher Coleman – Eugene Oregon


Collusion consists of a full wall projection of industrial expulsions that have been time-manipulated so that the vents seem to be sucking in the smoke in rhythmic breaths. Large amounts of smoke are drawn from the sky followed by a pause and small release before another inhalation begins. The sounds of machinery quickly take on a natural cadence that compels the viewer to breath with the factory. Just when all the smoke seems to have been withdrawn, more materializes from the blue sky in a never-ending deluge. As an enveloping installation, a connection is quickly made between the breathing of the viewer and the piece. It speaks not only of hope and hopelessness but control and our own complicity in what is happening to the world around us.



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the combination of sound and visual is something i feel that i struggle with, however mr. coleman initiated a physical feeling through his ability to combined the two successfully!

Comment by amy

This “never-ending deluge” of what is happening to the world, is something which unfortunately I think people will not see, or see and not care about until it is too late, this video does just this and its repetition adds to this effect of “hopelessness” for those which do care and see the problems in the everyday things we do that cause issues which we don’t thinks about.

Comment by Mary

As something that takes can take control of a viewer and projects meaning through something besides your traditional 5 senses, this piece made an unorthodox connection to me through its manipulation of breathing patterns.

Comment by Jesse Thompson

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