Ritual and Repetition

Dietmar Krumrey
March 1, 2007, 12:32 am
Filed under: Ritual and Repetition


Loud and Clear, 2006
1:30 min excerpt – Full Running Time 61:30 minutes
Dietmar Krumrey – Mt. Pleasant Michigan


Loud and Clear is an hour long performance piece where, dressed in a shirt, tie and expensive shoes, I spin in circles while shouting “Attention!” into a large black megaphone and a clock ticks off the seconds in the background. It is a repetitive action that at once appears totally absurd, but if seen as a metaphor of communication in all its dizzying ceaselessness. The work exemplifies something much more ordinary, realistic and is down-to-earth.



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i love it when comedy and the fine arts come together and make a baby!

Comment by amy

How I see It.
Presenting time in a visual format, using the clock in each frame legitimizes the video as well as making the experience more concrete for the viewer.
Exploration of the ability of an individual,in relationship to his environment, to persist in a mundane activity, raising questions and provoking thought, is a breath of fresh air. And thought provoking to the viewer. Continuity of the visual aesthetic, clothes and clock, and the consistency of the frankness of the messages help to promote the validity of the preformance.

Comment by jmsoltis

Why do we do what we do? Is there really any point to the actions which we do day to day? wake up, eat, go to school, go home, eat, sleep, wake up, go to work, eat, go to sleep, what next?

Comment by Mary

i get nauseous watching him run in circles like that. i couldn’t imagine doing that for an hour. sometime i do think the world is sort of mundane and boring as far as media and advertisement and corporate world in general: another reality show, another mcdonalds, another hip clothes brand. people get sucked up in these things because they are repeated bombarded with the imagery; they begin to think what is shown to them is what is important. it’s all about manipulation and money.

Comment by jackie

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