Ritual and Repetition

Lori Hepner
March 1, 2007, 12:13 am
Filed under: Ritual and Repetition


Trap, 2006
5 mins
Lori Hepner – Ithaca New York


Unworkings of a Binary System is a body of work that focuses on the translation of the hidden computer language of binary code to visualized human gestures. The work combines the most cutting edge and primal art mediums to highlight the speed of technology vs. the slowness of the body. This is done through utilizing the body in performance to create representation of code in unexpected ways; stitching, flour, dirt ribbon, and pixels become vehicles for expressing a humanized translation of digital systems. The gestures impart error into the perfection of the code, which brings up questions of the godly nature of digital systems and our cultural fascination with it. The layering of digital to human to digital brings in the human element of error, which suggests how binary code is only superficially errorless. Through enactment of binary code, the artist’s body is placed within the zero position as it strives to give physicality to the digital system. During the pieces the artist locates herself in the role of self-proclaimed cyborg, as her performative gestures invoke the essence of embodiment, both natural and technological in concept. Once the performance is finished and melts away into the landscape, the physical remains are left for viewers to discover as the elements affect the residue of ones and zeros. The performance’s essence, which has become locked within the documentation, is transformed into aesthetic works that can hang in a gallery. Digital artworks are created from the post-performance remains to return the piece to its technological beginnings by becoming binary code once again. It is the error that imparts an imprint of the individual into the computer’s definitive code, which questions the invisible perfection of the code itself.



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