Ritual and Repetition

Neal W. Cox
March 1, 2007, 12:27 am
Filed under: Ritual and Repetition


Composition for Two Lengths of PVC Pipe, 2005
19 seconds
Neal W. Cox – San Antonio Texas


The work entitled Composition for Two Lengths of PVC Pipe is a work of percussive “music” (I use this term losely, as I am not a musician) related to the specific geometry of a particular geodesic dome. It is the audio/video component of a larger work using a dome built as a system designed to make 130 photographic marks. The dome itself is constructed using two lengths of PVC pipe repeated throughout (one used 30 times, the other 35 times). Likewise, the musical composition is dictated by the placement and occurence of the pipes, in irder from the base to the top. The video within this context is an endless loop.


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the sound composition was amazing! it reminded me of the blue man group compositions, minus the creepy blue painted men.

Comment by amy

i think what really does it for me in this video is the absurdity of having no shoes and no hair on the second two “copies”.

Comment by jackie

I thought he did the no shoes on purpose, but it makes it even more absurd and funny that he didn’t mean to do this, he just forgot to put the shoes back on.

Comment by Mary

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